Apply for the CHALLENGER SERIES Here
Please read the rules below before applying

This is a secondary series within a series and does not effect the points in the main series it is running in.
This series will be ran in the BareBones Racing & Aero88 Series.

This series has been created to try to help drivers become better Speedway/Intermediate track drivers.

We hope to accomplish this by helping these drivers with there wheel settings, Give them more track time and help them with running smoother lines.

We will open up the server early and some of our fastest Speedway drivers will help and share there knowledge with these drivers.

The ultimate goal of this series is to help all the drivers in this series to become top5 drivers in any speedway race they enter.

Challenger Series Rules

All drivers in this series will be voluntary, No driver will ever be forced to join this series.

All drivers must apply in the forum to join this series.
Click on the link at the top of this page.

You must race in the BBR and/or Aero88 Series for 1 season with a minimum of 7 races between the 2 series before applying to the Challenger Series.

The Challenger Series Champion will NOT automatically be moved out of this series.
But if a driver wins 2 consecutive Championships in the BBR and/or Aero88 Series or 2 in 1 season they will be moved out of the series and must wait 2 full seasons to re-apply to get back into it.
Exception -
added 09/02/19
If a Challenger Series driver wins a Championship in there 1st season they will be removed from the series for a minimum of 2 seasons.

There will be meeting with the Challenger Admins after the last race of each season to possible move drivers out of this series.
Being moved out of this series is NOT a bad thing. It means the Admins feel you have the skills to be a Top5 driver.

Once a driver has been removed from of this series they must wait 2 full season to re-apply for this series.

A driver may voluntarily remove themselves from this series at any time.

A driver racing in the main series may apply at any time for the Challenge Series but must be approved by the series admins and subject to driver input.
You must apply by the 2nd race of the season or you will NOT be added to the Challenger Series until the next season.

Series points will be set by the points you earned in the main series it is running in.
Meaning if you finished 7th in the main series and 2nd in the Challenger series, your Challenger series points will be the same as the main series points NOT 2nd place points.

2 and Park: Starting in RTR S36 the Challenger series will have the same 2 and Park rule as the RTR NR2003 Rules.
Meaning if a Challenger Series Driver gets a 2 and park in a race they will be on a 1 and park until they have an Incident free race.

Challenge Series Approved Drivers...Speedway Series Only
New Drivers for Current Season are this color.
Car # Driver Date/Season Approved Date/Season Removed
#??? Jason Scheck 8/03/14    Season 33  
#003 David Canon 8/03/14    Season 33  
#5 Allen Martin 12/18/17    Season 43  
#6 Wylye Cote 3/28/16    Season 38  
#7 Cy Jones 8/05/14    Season 33  
#007 Doug Cady 1/4/17    Season 40  
#08 Glenn Harris 1/12/17    Season 40  
#12 Lance Munksgard 5/01/17    Season 41  
#13 Dave Melson 9/02/19    Season 48  
#14 Brian Hoag 9/11/14    Season 33  
#18 David Lawson 8/31/15    Season 36  
#24 Joe DiSpirito 04/26/19    Season 47  
#25 Brian Bell 8/19/15    Season 36  
#26 Billy Ellisor 12/28/18    Season 46  
#28 Gord Quinn 8/28/14    Season 33  
#028 Larry Ingram 1/4/17    Season 40  
#29 Brian Wolf 8/17/18    Season 45  
#30 Mark Dillon Jr 1/4/17    Season 40  
#037 Doug Lockrow 12/28/18    Season 46  
#38 JT Mayhew 04/26/19    Season 47  
#45 Bobby Farrell 01/01/18    Season 43
Re-Approved - 12/28/18    Season 46
8/08/18 Season 44
2x Champion
#86 Jim Black 12/28/18    Season 46  
#95 Dave Earlywine 8/05/14    Season 33  
#96 Dave Robbins 4/15/15    Season 35  
#102 Rusty Little 12/19/14    Season 34  
#103 Carson Krenz 8/12/16    Season 39  
#115 Sean Lockyer 12/19/14    Season 34  
#118 Dustin Roser 05/01/18    Season 44  
#143 Bob Dixon 8/17/18    Season 45  
#710 MannyD 8/17/18    Season 45  
Drivers below here have been removed from the Challenger Series.
Car # Driver Date/Season Approved Date/Season Removed
#9 Matt Woelh 9/24/14    Season 33 12/17/14 Season 33
Considered a top5 Driver
#09 Joe Simpson 5/02/16    Season 38 8/12/16 Season 38
Considered a top5 Driver
#27  Andre Mongeon 01/01/18    Season 43 1/17/18 Season 43
Considered a top5 Driver
#33 Tony Fox Re-Approved
8/17/18    Season 45
12/28/18 Season 45
4x Champion
#35  Daniel Dupuis 01/01/18    Season 43 1/17/18 Season 43
Considered a top5 Driver
#42 Orlando Laboy 2/8/17    Season 40 4/30/18 Season 44
2x Champion
#43 Richard Martin 8/28/17    Season 42 4/26/19 Season 46
3x Champion
#56 Jeffrey Elliott 1/4/17    Season 40 1/23/17 Season 40
Considered a top5 Driver
#45 Bobby Farrell 01/01/18    Season 43 8/08/18 Season 44
2x Champion
#71 Brian Orto 8/04/14    Season 33 4/13/17 Season 40
3x Champion
#80 Jeff Crivello 9/07/14    Season 33 4/15/15 Season 34
3x Champion