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Thank you

Post by jasonjustis »

Just wanted to say thank you to all the admins for putting this on, all the leagues who supported the event, and all the drivers who participated in any race. It was a fun event for sure.

And once again, congratulations Josh Metallic on the victory!

And for those who wanted it or asked, I promised that I would provide a replay of my qualifying lap for the NRT 400. As I went to save my replay file of the NRT 400 after the checkered flag, the furthest back it could go was Lap 23 of the race as it was already in progress. I set my replayMemoryOverride=0 line in my core.ini file like so figuring it would save the whole thing, but apparently it didn't, so I wasn't able to grab a replay of the 40.311 second (178.611 mph) lap. Sorry about that.

Here's another crack that I took at it. It's not quite 40.311, but the line I used is essentially the same.


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Re: Thank you

Post by JoshM »

I have to agree and say thanks as well to everyone that made NRT week another success. Very much looking forward to the next one. And thanks for the congrats and showing your qualifying line, Jason. I will be reviewing that the next time I see Michigan on the schedule!
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Re: Thank you

Post by timoshark1 »

I second (or third) that thanks!!! It is truly refreshing to see all the communities in NR2003 come together. I must say the level of competition increases ten fold!! It's a shame we have to wait another year to do it again.

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