NRT500 Late Entry!

Signup for the 2015 NRT500 here.
Signup is Dec.1,2014 to Jan.17,2015
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NRT500 Late Entry!

Post by fioriniandre »

Driver Name: Andre Fiorini
Primary Car#0
Secondary car#67
Home Town: Ontario, Canada
Age at 05/28/95: 19
Car Make: Camry
Sponsor on car: GoPro
League Representing(full): DeltaSimRacing
League Representing(Short):DSR
Days I can NOT race on: Wednesday

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Joined: Sat Jan 24, 2015 6:33 pm
Race Car#: 49

Re: NRT500 Late Entry!

Post by DerbyDon49 »

Driver Name:Don McCorriston
Primary Car#049
Secondary car#049
Home Town:Magrath, Alberta
Age at 1/25/15: 43
Car Make: Chev
Sponsor on car: Kokanee Beer
League Representing(full)
League Representing(Short): FSB
Days I can NOT race on:

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