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RTR S50 End of the Season Meeting

Posted: Mon Jul 20, 2020 8:17 pm
Hey guys we are having the RTR Season 50 End of the Season Meeting on Tuesday July 28,2020 @ 830pm est. In the RTG TeamSpeak

This meeting is mandatory for all RTR Directors.

All drivers are welcome and encouraged to attend this meeting.

As always this will be a 2 part meeting.

1st part is to set all the RTR series for Season 51.

2nd part will be to discuss any possible rules and format changes for RTR's Season 51.

Re: RTR S50 End of the Season Meeting

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 5:06 pm
by Cyber
My pet peeve .. Under a caution flag .... Drivers that are not pitting that lap should immediately catch up to the pace car.... By failing to do this you cause unnecessary black flags to the cars that are pitting... you will never get a black flag for catching up to the pace car if you are not pitting

Re: RTR S50 End of the Season Meeting

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2020 4:41 pm
by Tooslow69
RTR Season 50 Meeting Minutes

RTR Season 51 will start on Monday Aug. 31,2020 and be a 16 week Season.

The RTG iRacing Dirt Series end of the Season Meeting will be on Friday Aug 25,2020 @ 8:00pm est.

The Speedway All-Star Race is Thursday Aug. 27,2020.
The Speedway All-Star Open Race is Monday Aug. 24,2020.

Mitch & Bumby will be having a fun series during our 1st week of our off season.
Click here for more info

RTR Series For Season 51

The CHARGER Series will continue on Monday & Wednesday
Click here for more info

We will continue the Challenger Series on Monday & Wednesday
Click here for more info

The Chase will continue on Monday's

The Bracket Series & Chase will continue on Thurs.

TripleX Series <----New Series
Mod: NXS15_cts
Practice: 8pm est.
Qualify: 8:30pm est.
3 - 10% Races, Random Q and No Yellows

BareBones Racing
Mod: cws2015
Practice: 8pm est.
Qualify: 8:30pm est.

Tues. - Will return in Nov.
SPEED Freak Series
Mod: WinstonCup98_cts
Practice: 8pm est.
Qualify: 8:30pm est.
Races Daytona Every week/fun series

The Winston Cup Series
Mod: WinstonCup98_cts
Practice: 8pm est.
Qualify: 8:30pm est.
Follows the 1998 Winston Cup Schedule

Aero88 Series
Mod: Aero88
Practice: 8pm est.
Qualify: 8:30pm est.
Is a Speedway Series.

Tally Challenge
Mod: MENCup2019_cts
Practice: 8:00pm est.
Qualify: 8:30pm est.
TalladegaRTG_V3 every week.

RTG iRacing Dirt Series
Mods: Street Stocks & Limited Late Models
Practice: 8pm est.
Race: 8:25pm est.
New iRacing Series @ RTG
See Brian Hoag, Brian Orto or Grant Wessley for more info.

Friday - Off until 2021
Amish's Survivor Series
Mod: LMPv2
Practice: 10pm est.
Qualify: 10:30pm est.
Enduro's and win @ all cost races.

RTR Rules & Format Changes for Season 51

Catch up to car ahead of you under caution.
We had a lengthy discussion of the pro's and con's of catching up to and failing to catch up to the car ahead of you when someone pits under caution. Ultimately it is your responsibility to watch your F2 when pitting so you don't pass the car ahead of yourself.

Tire Stop Penalties for Cup98 & Aero88 Series.
It was discussed and by a majority vote the penalty has become much stiffer for each extra tire stop.
New Penalty
-1 lap for each extra tire stop.

Chase Drivers DNQ's.
This was voted on and voted out.

Do Not Qualifies.
After a very long and sometimes heated discussion and a very close vote it was decided it was unfair to make any of the fast drivers to start in the rear of the field so there are no more DNQ's and there is NO Qualifying rule for anyone.
It's a very sad day to see another RTR tradition go away.

RaceLM Points Edit.
We explained the RaceLM Points Editor to the Drivers, issues that arises and the work arounds we need to do.

Did Not Serve Penalty Properly.
If you do not serve your incident penalty properly you will be a DNQ the next race to attend that season.

Talladega Challenge Chase.
There will be a new chase format in Season 51, See Josh for more details.

Hot Pitting.
After a brief discussion I shut down any possibility of a vote against it as our Series directors are over worked now and if they had to watch every green flag pit stop that would take to much time. From our past experience speeds can vary from replay to replay at the pit lane entrance line and this has caused feuds in the past. So we let the game police pitting.

Incident Penalty Points.
After a brief discussion and an almost unanimous vote it was decided that the incident points would change from -1 point per incident to
1 Incident = -1 point
2 Incidents = -2 points
3 Incidents = -3 points
So if you have 3 Incidents you would have -6 incident points and they keep going up by a point per Incident

2 Failed Protests.
If you submit 2 failed Protests in 1 Season in all series you will no longer be eligible to file a protest again in that Season.

No Restarts.
It was decided to leave this up to each series Director, so each series may be different on restarts for accidents on the 1st 2 laps. It must be stated in the series info and drivers meeting if it is a 1 restart series or not. All series must restart for a mechanical failure the 1st lap in non-broadcast races.

Thank You to all the drivers and Directors that showed up to this meeting.

Re: RTR S50 End of the Season Meeting

Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2020 1:43 pm
by Tooslow69
RTR Season 50 Rules are now Updated, view them here.