Sunday Nights...

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Rodney Sullins
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Sunday Nights...

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This may be a bad time to try this... with Summer coming up and on Sunday nights. But, we will see if there is any interest.

If you enjoy the excitement and intensity of the Final 10 Laps at Talladega, then this is for you.
If you feel a little uncomfortable and want to adjust or just want to “tweak” on your Thursday night settings or car view without worrying about causing issues in a huge pack, then this is for you!

Looking at a Sunday Night - Tally Rally Series. There will be no Points/Champion.

Couple Options based on drivers.

1) 5% Race - 10 Laps with 20 cars or less. Cautions are OFF with REALISTIC DAMAGE.

2) 10% Race - 19 Laps with more than 20 cars. Cautions are ON with REALISTIC DAMAGE.

Starting at around 6:00cst on Sunday Nights. Using the MENCS19cts MOD and SETUP from Thursday Nights and running for a few hours.
Races start when we get enough people to start rolling off the grid.

5 Minutes between races.

Lotto Qualifying.

NO Happy Hour.

IF the field wrecks out and there are only a few drivers left... If majority left agrees, race can be reset.

Basically, drivers show up, Lotto Qualify, run a race... after checkered flag falls there will be 5 minutes and everything resets, another lotto qualifying and race is started. You can come and go as you please. Come in and run a couple races then leave. Return later if we are still racing and join in again.

This is 100% for FUN and PRACTICE.

We will start on May 16th.

What is everyone's thoughts? Please advise...
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Re: Sunday Nights...


Sounds like fun to me! Best part of Dega races is last 10 laps!
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