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Author:  skullbreather97 [ Wed Dec 27, 2017 12:57 pm ]
Post subject:  S43 Schedule/Rules


This will once again be a trophy series sponsored by Thirty Marketing
Mod: Dirt55_GNS
AI Car Pack (Optional): Link
Server Opens: 10:00pm EST
Drivers Meeting: 10:30pm EST
No qualifying for Enduros, See WAAC for Q rule. There will be at least 10 minutes of practice between the conclusion of if they decide to run something at STR or RTG prior to the start of our race to allow for haulers to enter the track.

1. 1/5/18 - WAAC - Martymoville - Winner: Mitch Bombard
2. 1/12/18 - Enduro - Thompson Grip - Winner: Matt Smith
3. 1/19/18 - WAAC - Riverside Park - Winner: Ricky LaDuke
4. 1/26/18 - Enduro - Martinsville Banked Grip - Winner: Dave Melson
5. 2/2/18 - WAAC - Columbus 151 AND Orange Show
Winners: Grant Wessley AND Terry Bauman
6. 2/9/18 - Off-Road - Demo Derby Raceway - Winner: Grant Wessley
7. 2/16/18 - Enduro - Music City Motorplex Grip - Winner: Dave Melson
8. 2/23/18 - WAAC - NC Speedrome Fig8 - Winner: Grant Wessley
9. 3/2/18 - WAAC - Chili Bowl - Winner: Grant Wessley
10. 3/9/18 - Enduro - Bristol 70 Grip - Winner: Terry Bombard
11. 3/16/18 - WAAC - Raleigh Banked Dirt - Winner: Jim Windrow
12. 3/23/18 - WAAC - NL-Waterford Speedbowl - Winner: Jim Windrow
13. 3/30/18 - WAAC - Lanier Speedway - Winner: ...See Above
14. 4/6/18 - WAAC - Orange County Speedway - Winner: Grant Wessley
15. 4/13/18 - Enduro - Thompson Grip - Winner: Terry Bombard

*** Denotes broadcast race from Pony Express Broadcast Network

1/26/18 - Martinsville Banked Enduro Broadcast - Link
2/23/18 - NC Speedrone WAAC Broadcast - Link
3/23/18 - NL-Waterford Speedbowl WAAC Broadcast - Link

General Rules:

--Anybody is welcome. You, your mom, your brother, grandma, neighbor, neighbors kid, girlfriend, dog, congressman, etc, etc
--That said, please be advised of TeamSpeak rules and watch the language.
--This series will not make you the next super duper Monster Energy cup champion. It's meant to be a good time. Utilize any strategy you wish within the following division specific rules.
--Black Flag Clearing is lax, however rule will be clarified weekly in drivers meetings.
--No contact for the first 2 laps

Enduro Rules:

--Three 25L Races
--Damage is off
--Field will be full of Larry's (AI cars)
--Stuck in the fence, knocked in the pits, or massive field stopping pile up on lap 1 allows for a restart *does not apply to broadcasted races*
--Slow down for a blocked track
--Jim Windrow Rule: Nobody is allowed to go into the apron unless track is blocked or forced down there.
--Setups have been modified to allow for better turning with the added grip

Win At All Cost Rules:

--One 50ish Lap Race
--Damage will be on Moderate
--One bonus point per car to anyone who saves a car from being stuck on its roof.
--**NEW** One bonus point to whoever punts a car into the pits (outside pit tracks only). Blacks will be cleared.
--A bounty will be randomly drawn from a hat prior to qualifying, and announced immediately afterwards every race for an extra 5 bonus points. The last person to make contact with the bounty car before the motor blows will receive the points. If the bounty driver takes the checkered flag and has completed 80% of the scheduled laps, then he/she will receive the bonus points.
--Do not stop/slow down intentionally to hit another driver
--No whining.
--We will be adding 5 AI cars to the WAAC races this season to increase car count. Unlike the Enduro races, the drivers wont be set as aggressive, nor will they be set at a competitive speed. They are intended to be used as picks, and hazards, and crash dummies.
---No AI for figure 8's
---AI Will be set at 85%, 80 For the Chili Bowl
--We will clear all black flags for the bounty car so that he/she doesn't get trapped in the pits and can either finish or be finished off fairly.
--We will clear all black flags with 10 to go.
--Drivers MUST take a qualifying lap in order to start in front of the AI cars. The winner of the previous WAAC event is not allowed to take time and will be forced to start behind the AI cars.

Off-Road Rules
--NEW for S43 we will include an off-road race.
--Damage will be OFF
--Random Starts
--Larry's will be set to low
--First one to the finish, wins.
--Bonus point for saving cars from being stuck.

Thanks for the continued support! Finish your week off with some fun.

Author:  Tooslow [ Fri Jan 05, 2018 9:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: S43 Schedule/Rules

:grin: :hello: :good:

Author:  skullbreather97 [ Tue Mar 20, 2018 7:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: S43 Schedule/Rules

Note: there has been 2 shifts in the schedule. The broadcast race originally on 2/16 has been moved to 2/23. Due to 3 Win At All Costs in a row after this change, Bristol has been moved up a week in between Chili Bowl and Raleigh Dirt.

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