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This event will Celebrate RTG's 10th Birthday!!!!!!!!
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Re: 2013 Bday Bash Schedule

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Tooslow wrote: June 13th, 2013, 7:01 pm Image

This is the 2013 Bday Bash Schedule.
All races will be ran with the Aero88 mod.

There will be NO broadcast events, But we will be handing out a few prizes in the final Race.
Drivers under 21 will NOT be eligible for any prize unless they are on the reserved driver list.

View reserved driver list here.

You must race in at least 3 fun races during the week to race in the June 30th RTR Super Speedway race, Unless you are on the reserved driver list.

All races will be ran with Moderate Damage

Scheduled Events
Start Times for all races
Practice: 8pm est.
Drivers Meeting/pick teams: 8:30pm est
Qualifying: Random starts for all races.
Happy hour: No Happy hour except RTR SuperSpeedway race
Race: following drivers meeting/team selection
5-10 minute break between races

There will be a link for all 2013 BdB tracks in the Bday Bash Race Room in TS.

Sun. 6/23/13
Bonecrusher figure 8..2-3 races

Mon. 6/24/13
Smash your team mate to the win @ Michigan Valley

Tues. 6/25/13
Team Grudge Match Series @ 3 short track to be posted in Teamspeak.

Wed. 6/26/13
Raleigh Figure 8 Paved....2-3 races

Thurs. 6/27/13
Relay races @ TalladegaTR...2-3 races

Fri. 6/28/13
Pole races @ CITRUS COUNTY SPEEDWAY...2-3 races...can only start 26 drivers

Sun. 6/30/13
50% race @ RTR Super Speedway 2009

Any admins who wish to help in any race see Terry on the specific race details.

Lets have some fun,
RTG Management
Terry & David
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