RTR NR2003 Track Downloads

These tracks are hosted here for RTR drivers, we are in no way taking any credits for there creation. 
We just race them and thank all the people that did create these.
If we gave credit to the wrong person for creating any of these tracks please
contact us and we will give credit to the proper person.

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Short Tracks
Under 1 mile
1 to 2 miles tracks
Super Speedways
Wide Open tracks
Road Courses Tracks by Crazy
Asphalt & Dirt Tracks
OWR Tracks
Lots of grip for PTA Mods
Grip & Fun Tracks
Tracks for fun races or series
Dirt Tracks Game Tracks
with cts, gns and pta mods installed


RTR Fixed Set-ups
At most tracks RTR uses the fast set that came with the track.
But we do have some custom fixed set-ups that we use at some tracks that we feel are better than the fast sets.

Below are some custom fixed set-ups we use @ RTR, click on the track name to download.
CTS Fixed Set-ups
These sets are for 70deg and clear
Atlanta05 & Atlanta05 Night Chicagoland Coca-Cola Night
DaytonaTRv1.4 DaytonaTR_Night  Indianapolis Xtra Grip
Game Indianapolis & Ontario JoeGibbsInternationalRaceway (JGIR) LowesBR fast  & expert
Milwaukee08 Day & Night OLR500 Talladega Phoenix2005
Pocono Banked Proving Grounds TalladegaTR
  Texas  &  Texas Night  
Project Wildfire Cup, gns & cts Expert set-ups
GNS Fixed Set-ups
These sets are for 70deg and clear
Chicagoland DaytonaTRv1.4 DaytonaTR_Night
Dover Indianapolis Xtra Grip Game Indianapolis & Ontario
Las Vegas 06 Las Vegas SBP 2007 Mid Ohio
TalladegaTR Texas  &  Texas Night Watkins_Glen_Nextel_06