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All races are ran threw SMS Lobby Download SMS Lobby Here
If you are using a No-CD patch you will need the Anti-cheat exe.
If you are running your game from the NR2003 game disc you should not need the Anti-cheat exe.
Download Anti-Cheat Patch Here
Make a backup of your original NR2003.exe
We recommend you make a back up and remove your Core.ini from the game before installing the Updated Core.ini Download Updated Core.ini Here
nws11_cts mod
created by Sim Racing Designs.
This is the mod we are using for the NRT500.
Painting templates are located in the bottom link to the right.
Download nws11_cts Mod Here

Download nws11 Templates Here

The Talladega NRT500 track was edited by Brian"Crazy"James & Terry"TooSlow"Bauman Download NRT500Talladega 2015 Here

The NRT500 Track is now available for download.

This will be the same track as the 2013 NRT500 with a slightly different set-up and some minor sponsor graphic changes.