Rolling Thunder Gaming


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1. Register with RLM League Manager We use the RLM League Manager for all our scoring.
You MUST Register with the name you race with and it MUST be your REAL name. Fictitious and names with tags will NOT be approved.

You MUST be registered with RTG to Race.

  RLM Driver Edit Once you are registered you can use this link to edit your account and upload car files.


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2. RaceLM
Arena 4.2
We will use RLM Arena 4.2 for all our races.
RLM Arena 4.2 is required by all drivers.
You must race with 4.2
You will be penalized if you race with 5.0


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3. RaceLM
Arena 5.0
Many members will need RLM Arena Version 5.0 to use the CFM in RLM Arena.

Some Drivers may also need to update there net framework to 4.0. This is also available for download @ RaceLM.