Abbreviated NR2003 Rules
& Registration

Last Revised  12/22/2023
New & Modified Rules for Season 61 are in Pink.

You must read and agree with these rules to register for any RTR NR2003 events.
Link to full rule book and RaceLM CFM Registration is at the bottom of this page.


Rules you need to know to race at Rolling Thunder Gaming


This is only a GAME so have FUN.

***New Drivers are expected to READ and know our RULES, but we don't expect you to remember every rule.


Every New Driver will be interviewed before being able to Race @ RTR. During your interview you will be asked if you know some of our main rules.

If you don't know any of the rules, you will be asked come back when you do.*** You MUST have High Speed Internet & a Wheel to race @ RTR.


Drivers Age

You must be 21 years old or older to race @ RTR. All new drivers will be on a 90 day probation.

We do allow some drivers under 21 to race @ RTR, but it is Mandatory that you speak to David Canon or Sean Prime in TS before your are permitted to race @ RTR.

Drivers under 21 will be on probation until their 21st B-day. Driver Name



This must be your real name and we do NOT allow league or team tags on your name in the race Server.

We do allow drivers to add their tag to the end of their name in Team Speak.


If you do not wish to use your real name contact Sean Prime or David Canon in TeamSpeak and we will work with you.


NR2003 Player Info:

Drivers will use their CFM name and place their full name in the last name field within the game. Leave the first name field blank.

Your CFM login name must match your Player Info name or you will not be scored.


Do NOT change your name mid season or you will be scored as 2 drivers. We do NOT fix points for name changes.


Car Number & Car files


All drivers are expected to Race with their correct Car # & Have there Car File uploaded to the CFM. Do Not use another Drivers car #.


RLM Arena 2021

We use RLM Arena for all our races. RLM Arena is required by all drivers.

You MUST sign in with your CFM name on RLM Arena in order to join the race server! Get RLM Arena 2021 here



Get TeamSpeak3 here RTG Team Speak 3 Info

IP: TS PW: gofaster

Mandatory TeamSpeak to Race

It is mandatory that all drivers be in team speak and have a working microphone.


1.  FLAMING and Outbursts

Will not be tolerated in any RTR event whether it is over Team Speak or through text chat. Continue to Flame or make Outbursts after being parked: To be determined by the RTR Admins. Absolutely NO profanity, raciest remarks, flaming or making fun of other drivers in your binds/macro's.

2.  Careless, Reckless and Unsportsmanlike Driving and Conduct

Careless Driving Penalty: -1 Lap penalty post race
Reckless Driving Penalty: Scored in last place of the race
Conduct  Penalty: Suspended from specific RTR Series for 1 week.


3.  Manually Disconnecting

Once the server is reset for the drivers meeting Do NOT Manually Disconnect from the server without a server Admins permission.


If this becomes a habit don't expect to be allowed back into the server.


4.  Race Start & Restarts

On all starts and restarts the race leader has the choice of high or low. The Green flag starts the Race.

There is NO jumping the start/restart, you must wait for the green flag.

There is NO attempting to pass high or low on the start of the race or any restart until after you cross the start/finish line.

This includes changing lanes also. Stay in your lane until you reach the start/finish line.


5.  Incident Rules:

We have a 2 Incident and park it Rule PER NIGHT. As we are all adults here you are expected to do this on your own.


Incident definition: Any action by you or your internet connection that results in the Yellow flag coming out (whether it be a self spin, or contact with another car).


1st Incident in a race

If you are the cause of an Incident or think you are the cause you must do one of the following:
1) 4 Tire Stop 2nd time by
2) Speed down pit road 2nd time by
3) Restart the race in rear (last row) 

The penalty must appear on the export.


2nd Incident in a race

You must park it for the night and will be on a 1 Incident and park until you complete an incident free race in that series.

If a driver on a 1 and park causes a 2nd incident in the same race, he will be parked for a minimum of at least the next two races in that series and one additional race for each incident after the 2nd incident.


If you fail to park after your 2nd incident your scoring will stop on that lap and you will be parked the next week. You will also be on a 1 Incident and park until you complete an incident free race in that series.


6.  Cautions

No Racing Back

***With 15 or less laps to go, and the yellow comes out, you are allowed to race back to the yellow flag.***

When the caution comes out, HOLD YOUR LINE and RACE AT A STEADY SPEED back to the line. What this means is, don't let off the throttle all the way and don't try to pass the person in front of you.

Hold your position and wait to slow in turns 1 and 2, not the START/FINISH LINE.


2 per Caution

Lucky Dog is in effect all race long.

The driver who caused the caution cannot take the Lucky Dog. After you leave the pits pass the field on the HIGH side of the track.

When you get the 1 to go, go all the way around the track and line up double file in the first open pacing line.

The race director will clear your black flag after the green re-start.


8.  Clearing Black Flags

We DO NOT clear self inflicted Black Flags.

If you get a Black flag as a result of another driver we may clear it.

If we clear a black flag and it was legitimately yours, you will be you will be penalized.


9.  Protests

If you disagree with a call in the incident report, you may protest to the series director by sending your own replay clip within 48 hrs of the report being posted in the forum.


10.  Stopping on the track

There is NO stopping on the track to retire!

*Do NOT retire from within your own pit stall while on the pit stop timer!
The unacceptable behavior of retiring from your own pit stall with the wheels/tires off the car therefore causing a caution verifiable by both the race replay and the export will result in an incident charged against your 2 and park it plus any additional sanctions incurred covered by other RTG Rules.




Read the Full RTR NR2003 Rules Here 


I do not agree with these rules.

I have read these rules and am ready to register.