Download Team Speak 3 Here.
We recommend the 32bit version as it draws less recourses from you PC with NO sound/voice quality loss.  
   .......IP Changed on June 10,2016

TS3 Password: gofaster

RTG TeamSpeak Rules

Team Speak is a privilege not a right so don't break any of these rules.

This TS is used by several communities so respect others rights in here.

You MUST have a working microphone to race in any NR2003 event.

NO racist or obscene user names are permitted in TS.

Flaming, racist remarks and foul language will NOT be tolerated in TS.

You must use push to talk, voice activation is prohibited!!!!!!!!!!

Any Server Admin caught abusing there power will lose there (SA) status.

All rooms are open to everyone unless they are marked PRIVATE.

DO NOT enter any room marked PRIVATE without permission.
(Text message an admin in these rooms to ask permission to enter)

**DO NOT add any Server Admin(SA) to whisper without 1st asking there permission.**
If you already have a (SA) on whisper please remove them unless they gave you permission to add them.