RTG Golfing Sign-ups and Info

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RTG Golfing Sign-ups and Info

Post by Wylye »

Eligibility – OPEN to ALL!

Currently we are in-between seasons, most of the golfers meet up Sunday mornings around 10:00am EST Come join us!

Things you need:
Register - See WylyE
Must have a working, connected ver of TW’08
Must have active connection to RTG Hamachi
All competitors must be in the RTG Teamspeak and obey their rules

Season Info:
Courses will mimic the PGA FedEx-tour as best as we can.
If courses not OEM with TW 2008 I will include link with current weeks course

All matches will be 18 holes (unless other-wise specified) and will be set to the settings described in each weeks course info.

Settings will change every week … make sure you see each weeks description

-- If a score card is submitted on wrong settings a +2 stroke penalty will be applied and golfers must replay course at correct settings

6th hole restart rule available 1 time ..and by UNANIMOUS decision

Golfer can play each week’s round with the player(s) of their choice. With the following criteria in effect ..

+++ Each golfer must have 1st submitted their score for that week.
then can submit name without score with any of the other golfers in the roster for Season 50

**+Golfers will always submit NAME (no more blank scores/names)

** No golfer will submit a solo score card (no exceptions)**

Good Luck

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