Season 59 End Of Season Meeting Minutes

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Season 59 End Of Season Meeting Minutes

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RTR Season 59 Meeting Minutes
Sent: Sat Jul 29, 2023 1:23 am
From: riccisand
Recipient: iRacing Admins RTG Staff Member RTG Owners
riccisand wrote: July 29th, 2023, 1:23 am Season 59 RTG End of Season Meeting

Called To Order 8:30 PM

Season 60 Starts on Sunday 8/27 (Monday 8/28)
Season 60 Ends on Thursday 12/14 (Friday 12/15)
16 weeks, most nights get 1 off race for a 15 race schedule

First Part of Meeting Sets the series for the next season.

Barebones Racing
Barebones Challenger
Jeremy, Prime
8 830
Nextgen CTS Mod
Includes Chase Series
Includes Eliminator Series
*May contain series specific incident rules at director discretion

Superspeedway Series
Rodney, Dante
745 815
Mencup19 CTS Mod
Lotto Q, 1x or 2x wear.
Will incorporate large speedway tracks into schedule
SS, SS, SW or similar schedule rotation
New for Season 60: Race wins will count for the proper allstar race depending on the track.
Champion will qualify for one of the allstar races. This needs to be ironed out!
Season 59 Race Wins all counted for Superspeedway Allstar Race. This will change for Season 60.

Aero88 Series
Aero88 Challenger
8 830
Aero88 Mod
Variety Track Series
Includes Eliminator Series
Schedule Rotation
Includes a Dirt Race!

Tally Challenge
Josh, Tim, Wylye
8 830
ncts09 mod
includes bracket series
includes chase series
same tracks TallyV3 and BSR V3

Separate Meeting

Pinty's Series
8 830
pintys mod gns

Plan is to have a series this fall. More info coming soon!

Second Part of Meeting is to vote on Rules Changes for Next Season.

Vote 1) To Introduce the new incident policy as written into RTG Rules, specifically the penalties based on total incidents (part 1)


Note: Admin may be able to conduct a trial of the entire proposed incident system on their night of the week this season. While the policy didn't pass the vote, it may be used at the discretion of the series director for that race.

Vote 2) To Allow The Following Three Ways to Serve a Penalty, all of which will now be accepted:
Multiple ways to Serve penalty:
1) 4 Tire Stop 2nd time by
2) Speed down pit road 2nd time by
3) Restart the race in rear (last row)

No Vote Taken on Car File Sizes. Increase Oversight Behind Scenes next season.

Vote 3) Elimination of the following rule:
Post Race Incident Review by the Drivers
If the Director or a driver feels an Incident might be controversial they may request the Incident be reviewed directly after the race conclusion.

There must be a minimum of 5 drivers reviewing the Incident and be done in a private room in TS.

The vote will be done by the Replay Committee vote rules. (All Directors have access to this forum)

The results of this review will be Official and can NOT be protested.

The Director will post "reviewed by drivers" for this incident in their incident report.

All Incidents will NOT be reviewed like this, Only possible Controversial Incidents.

Drivers involved in the incident are NOT allowed to be in the review room.

Vote 4) To allow The Following Changes As Proposed:
When you get the 1 to go, go all the way around the track and line up double file in the first open pacing line.
When we get the 1 to go the wave around cars shall line up behind the lucky dogs, double file in the first open pacing line.

Vote 5) To make the following addition to RTG rules, BETWEEN 2nd Incident In A Race and 3rd Incident In A Race:
If a driver on a 1 and park causes a 2nd incident in the same race, he will be parked for a minimum of at least the next two races in that series and one additional race for each incident after the 2nd incident.

No Vote Taken on Passing Zone Chart. Good Reasons to have it removed.

To lock in the top 35 in points instead of the top 25 in points in ALL referenced sections


Vote 7) To Remove The Following Rule:
Natural Disasters
Any drivers not able to race because of a natural disaster will receive last place points.
To receive the points you must contact an Admin, post in the forum or Facebook or have a message relayed to us.

BUT if a driver tries to take advantage of this rule and was not effected by a natural disaster they will get ZERO points for that race and lose both of there provisionals for that season.

While no vote was taken on the incident definition, this will be ironed out in the offseason by the RTG Staff!

Vote 8) To Remove The Following Rule:
No Game Caution
It was voted that if the game does NOT throw a caution the Admins will NOT do so either.
This will start in Season 39.

Vote 9) To Make The Top 3 Finishers Last Week a DNQ - Again!


No Vote on Bumper Hooks
No Vote on Format Ideas

Tip: Post All Format Suggestions (Tracks, Aids, Mods, Series) In That Series Night Forum!

BIRTHDAY BASH will take place prior to the Start of Season 60! viewtopic.php?f=151&t=2525&sid=13794880 ... 12556e1980

All are welcome for a week of Fun! Thanks to Jeremy for preparing

Meeting Adjourned just after 10PM
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