Racing @ RTR
This page contains all the essentials to race @ RTR

See the Days & Times each league races here.

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Tracks and Mods links are at the bottom of this page.


Read the RTR NR2003 Rules.




You MUST have TeamSpeak 3.

You must be on TS3 and have a working microphone to race in any series @ RTR.

We recommend you use the 32bit version as there are some conflicts with NR2003 and the 64bit version

Download TS3 here

RTG TS3 Info


Password: gofaster




You MUST speak to an RTR Staff Member on Team Speak before you can Race.

You will be required to have a short interview and know some of the basic rules before you can race.

RTR's Staff
David Canon
Sean Prime &
Dante Ricc




Request your car #

You will use the Same car# for all RTR Series.




Register with RLM League Manager

We use the RLM League Manager for all our scoring.
You MUST Register with the name you race with and it MUST be your REAL name. Fictitious and names with tags will NOT be approved






RLM Driver Edit

Once you are registered you can use this link to edit your account and upload car files.




RLM Arena
2021 Release

We use RLM Arena for all our races.
RLM Arena is required by all drivers.



Other Downloads You May
Need To Race Here.



This is a link to the mods we race @ RTR.
Add-ons are also on this page.



Link to download tracks we race @ RTR.



This is the compression program you will
need to open all of our tracks and mods.



This is the No-CD patch that we recommend. This is NOT required if you run your game off the disc.



You may need this updated core.ini to race in our server.
We recommend that you back-up your original core.ini.