We are finally to NRT500 week.

Good Luck to all you drivers.

The NRT500 Qualifying Rosters are NOW posted..
Race Schedules and Driver Server Assignments

LCQ Rosters are being updated as Qualifying races are completed.
You may need to refresh the roster page to see any updates.

All Times on this Page are EST.
Page last updated 01/27/2015 01:33 AM

#1 Sign-up for NRT500 here  

Sign-up will be Open on Dec.9,2014.
Pre-signup for members registered on the RTG forums will be open at 10pm est. Dec.1,2014.
Deadline for sign-up is Jan.17,2015.
Email NRT500 Admins

#2 Register for NRT500 CFM here

The auto email is NOT working so we will have to manually approve all accounts. You may have to wait 24hrs before you can upload your .car file.

NRT500 Downloads
#3 Upload your nws11_cts .car file to the SMS lobby CFM...NRT500 Series.
Limited to 1 car file per driver.

FireFox 3.0+ will not work for uploading cars. It has no way to allow settings needed for uploader to work.
Server Assignment Forum
IE7,IE8......Make sure the following setting is enabled.
Goto Tools -> Internet Options -> Security Tab -> Custom Level -> Include local directory path when uploading files to a server -> Make Enable

Race Schedules and Driver Server Assignments
2015 NRT500
Race Results
  Driver Locations Map
Created by Josh Metallic
Driver Signup Stats
Created by Josh Metallic
If you have any issues registering on the RTG forum please post here.
2015 NRT500 Official Roster
Drivers will be added after we start the Qualifying Races.
NRT500 Prizes
Prizes are limited to 1 per driver.
Prizes are listed in the order they were donated.
NRT will be Donating 2 free NRT Game Servers for 3 months.
***Servers courtesy of NRT Game Servers***
TooSlow Graphix is Donating a $25 prize via PayPal.
DRtv is donating a free broadcast event, up to 50% race length.
DVD's to the top3 finishers in each broadcast event..9 total DVD's
Tim Noftsker of MSR is donating 2
Call of Duty 4 "Modern Warfare" games.
Jason Justis of Blazin' Pedals is donating a 5x7 inch plaque to the winner of the NRT 500 100% broadcast race.
Wayne Osborne is Donating his $15 RTR Dash4Cash winnings.
This will be paid via PayPal from RTG.
Brian Bell of XFM is donating a Nascar diecast to the Hard Charger.
NRT500 Hard Charger TBD by the NRT500 Admins.
 View pics of the diecast here
MSR is donating 2 Best Buy Gift cards.
If someone wins one of the $25 Best Buy gift cards resides out of the USA, they will have to opt for a $25 prize via PayPal.
Matt Woehl of RTG is Donating 3 metal wall hanging signs.
View pics of the signs here
These are the confirmed prizes as of 01/27/2015
More prizes are expected to be added before the NRT500 begins.
1st place will have there choice of 1 of the prizes listed and then 2nd place then 3rd place and so on.
The Hard Charger can receive only 1 prize.
Prize Disclaimer:
Although RTG will make every effort to make sure all drivers receive there prizes.
It is ultimately the responsibility of the person or group that donates the prize to make sure drivers receive there prize.
If you wish to donate a prize for this event please contact the NRT500 Admins by email
or See Terry Bauman or David Canon in the RTG TeamSpeak.

The NRT500 will be using the Rolling Thunder Gaming TeamSpeak 3
TS3 PW: gofaster

The NRT500 is an event to thank all the leagues and drivers that support NRT. We are hoping this event will promote unity and new friendships in the NRT family and NR2003 community.

Rolling Thunder Gaming is hosting all the NRT500 events.
Terry Bauman & David Canon (The Owners of RTG)
are paying for the NRT500 100% Broadcast race.
Terry Bauman Owner of TooSlow Graphix is sponsoring LCQ#1
Midwest Sim Racing (MSR) & East Coast Thunder (ECT) is sponsoring LCQ#2

These events are being paid for by the RTG Owners, TooSlow Graphix, MSR & ECT and will be free for all drivers in the NRT Community.

This will be a week long event with Qualifying races almost every day and ending with a live broadcasted 500 mile race on DRtv. This year both LCQ's will be broadcasted on DRtv also. Drivers will be put in qualifying races by random draw. This event is open to all drivers that support leagues in the NRT Family.

We will racing @ Talladega_NRT500 with the
Mod created by Sim Racing Designs.

Driver Sign-up
Sign-up in the RTG forum
This will be used to gather your info for the broadcasters and to determine what days you can race on.
All drivers are required to do there own sign-up. If a team mate signs you up your sign-up will be deleted.
Once your assigned to a Qualifier or LCQ you will NOT be permitted to request a different day to race so take your time when signing up.  

Register for the NRT500 CFM

Upload .car file to the SMS lobby CFM...NRT500 Series.

Driver Transfer to the NRT500  
***Based on 240 entries.***

6 Qualifying Races, 2 Last Chance Qualifiers and then the NRT500
All drivers must be in TS and NR2003 server by the drivers meeting for the LCQ's and the NRT500 or you will be replaced with an alternate.

Qualifying Races: Will do Qualifying races in 3 days using 2 servers. Jan.25,26 & 27 (Sun., Mon. & Tues.)
6 Qualifying Races

40 drivers in each race.
Top5 in each race go to NRT500
Positions 6-16 go to LCQ's....Drivers from Qualifier #1,2,&3 go to LCQ#1(Wed. Jan.28)
Drivers from Qualifier #4,5,&6 go to LCQ#2(Thurs. Jan.29)
Position 17 is alternate for LCQ.
Fastest Qualifying race will be Alternate #1, Slowest will be Alternate #6

Last Chance Qualifying Races: LCQ's will be on Jan.28 & 29 (Wed. & Thurs.) using 1 server each day.
These 2 races will be broadcasted live on DRtv and are sponsored by TooSlow Graphix,
2 LCQ Races.
36 drivers in each race.
Top3 in each race go to NRT500
Fastest LCQ race will be Alternate #1 for the NRT500, Slowest will be Alternate #2 and so on.

NRT500 Server Slots = 43
1 slot for server.
4 slots for broadcast crew - if they only use 3 we will give that slot to the 1st Alternate.
2 slots for Admins (not racing, eyes in the sky)
36 slots for drivers.

NR2003 server settings for Qualifying Races.
Qualifying Dates: Jan. 25,26 & 27,2015
Practice: 7:30pm est.
Drivers meeting: 8:30pm est.
Qualify: 8:40pm est.
Happy Hour: 5 minutes
Race: 8:50pm est.
Race laps: 66laps - 35% races
Damage: Realistic
Weather: 70deg and clear
Fixed set-up....... will be named NRT500_2015 and be in the track in the downloads.
Pit Freq: 2x's

NR2003 server settings for LCQ's
LCQ Dates: Jan. 28 & 29,2015
Practice: 7:30pm est.
Drivers meeting: 8:30pm est.
Qualify: 8:45pm est.
Happy Hour: 15 minutes
Race: 9:00pm est.
Race laps: 76laps - 40% races
Damage: Realistic
Weather: 70deg and clear
Fixed set-up....... will be named NRT500_2015 and be in the track in the downloads.
Pit Freq: 2x's

NR2003 server settings for the NRT500
Date: Jan. 31,2015

Practice: 6:30pm est.
Drivers meeting: 7:30pm est.
Qualify: 7:45pm est.
Happy Hour: 15 minutes
Race: 8:05pm est.
Race laps: 188 laps - 100% race
Damage: Realistic
Weather: 70deg and clear
Fixed set-up....... will be named NRT500_2015 and be in the track in the downloads.
Pit Freq: 1x's

NRT500 Rules
1. This is just a game so have fun.

2. There will be NO manually disconnecting from the race server once the drivers meeting has started unless an Admin gives you permission to do so. You will NOT be allowed back into the server if you disregard this rule.

3. All drivers must be 18 yrs of age or older.
 If your age is questioned you must show proof to the NRT Race Admins of your age.
     Failure to show proof of your age will result in you being removed from the NRT event.

4. All drivers must sign-up representing a league.
If you sign-up NOT representing a league your sign-up request may be rejected.

5. All drivers must use there car# and real name in TeamSpeak and in the NR2003 server.
TS Example: #87 Joe Smith..........Just use your name in NR2003 server... Joe Smith
***If you do NOT wish to use your real name contact the NRT500 Admins
      and we will work with you on creating a fictitious name.***

6. All races will be ran through SMS lobby and use the NRT Anti-cheat.
If you are using a No-CD patch you will need the Anti-cheat exe.
If you are running your game from the NR2003 game disc you should not need the Anti-cheat exe.

7. All races will use the Updated core.ini.
We recommend you make a back up and remove your Core.ini from the game before installing the Updated Core.ini

8. All drivers must be in the RTG TS and have a working mic.

9. Drivers must be in TS and the NR2003 server by 8:20pm est. or you will be replaced by an Alternate. This is for the LCQ's and the NRT500.

10. Flaming will NOT be tolerated, especially the use of the "F"bomb. This will get you ejected.
If you have an issue with a driver or an Admin speak to them privately after the race.

11. We will NOT clear any black flags.

12. There is no rule on blocking this year.
But excessive blocking may result in a black flag.
You will receive 1 WARNING and this warning will carry on for all races you are in.
Your 2nd offence will be a black flag which you will have to do a green flag stop and go to clear.
Blocking that causes a wreck will be considered an incident against you.
Blocking Definition: To make abrupt lane changes in an attempt to stop another competitor from passing you.  

13. Any driver who causes an incident which results in the caution coming out must do a 4 tire pit stop on the 2nd Yellow flag lap or later with the lap down cars. Failure to do so will result in a black flag or DQ. ***You do NOT have to speed down pit road.***

Qualifying races will be 2 incident and Park-it.
The 100% NRT race will be 3 incident and Park-it.
If you do NOT park you will be DQ'ed from the results.

14. All drivers transferring to the LCQ's and the 100% NRT Race must have there .car file uploaded 24hrs prior to the race or be replaced with an alternate.

15. There is NO racing on the apron. Any one caught trying to advance there position or decrease there lap times from driving on the apron will receive a black flag or DQ'ed.
2 tires under the line is considered on the apron.
If you are forced below the inside line it will be looked at on an individual basis. 
The only Exception to this is if you are avoiding an accident ahead of you.
This rules goes for every lap including the last lap.

16. Using any game glitch will get you DQ'ed.

17. All pitting, exiting the pits and restarts will be by game rules.

18. There will be no racing back to the caution until 15laps to go in Qualifying  and LCQ races.
      20 to go in the 100% NRT Race.

19. We will use single file restarts, all lap down cars must do a drive through on the 2nd caution lap so they are lined up behind the lead lap cars on the restart. Any lap down car who fails to do there drive through will not be eligible for the next Lucky Dog.

20. We will give 2 Lucky Dogs to the 1st 2 cars 1lap down, If either driver is the cause of the caution it will go to the next car 1lap down or next car in the running order.

There are NO wave around's on any Caution.

21. If someone causes a wreck at the end of the race or racing back to the caution that ends the race, you will be moved to the EOLL in the final scoring. This means if you were in a Transfer spot you will lose it.

22. If a driver loses connection they will NOT be given any laps back. This is considered a mechanical failure on your end.

23. We will NOT restart any Qualifier unless a driver has a mechanical failure or there is a crash before the whole field has taken the green flag. The LCQ's and NRT500 will NOT be Restarted unless DRtv requests a Restart.

24. The top 2 Qualifiers in all NRT events must send a replay clip of there Qualifying session to [email protected] within 10 minutes of the conclusion of the race.
We need from the time you hit drive until you retire.
This is verify that NO one is trying to exploit any game glitches.
The replays will NOT be handed out to the general public.
Failure to send your replay to us will result in you being DQ'ed from all events.

25. No driver may race in a LCQ that hasn't raced in a Qualifying race.

26. NO NRT driver is permitted to have any NRT ADMIN on whisper in TS.
This is any time during the NRT week.
If you disregard this rule you will be DQ'ed from all NRT events.
This also includes relaying messages from drivers that are in a different race than you are in.

27. Only Race Admins and Drivers in that race are allowed in the TS Race rooms and in the Race server.

28. Streaming Races....In 2014 We found that some drivers streaming and or viewing streams of races while racing caused some latency issues for some of these drivers.
So there will be ABSOLUTELY NO Streaming of any event during the NRT week.
Any driver found guilty of streaming any event during the NRT week will be Disqualified from all NRT events.

29. There is NO stopping on the track under caution to go get a drink, use restroom etc.
If you need to do any of these please pit and stay in your pit stall while doing so. 
You will receive a black flag if you stop on the track under caution just to keep your position.

30. ***Caution last 4 laps*** Rule added on 1/23/15
If an accident happens at the start/finish line that brings out the caution with 4 or less laps to go the field will be scored on how all the drivers merge back into the field or complete the next lap, NOT your F2 position.
***The final results will not be Official until a mandatory replay review is completed.***


Special Broadcast Rules:

There will be no Restarts Unless DRtv requests it.

Don't be late...We will NOT wait for any drivers.

Drivers must be in TS and the NR2003 server by 8:20pm est. or you will be replaced by an Alternate.

If you fail to load on the starting grid you will have to join the race in progress.

There is NO goofing off in Happy Hour, If you are caught goofing off you will start the race with a Black Flag and be required to do a green flag stop and go to clear it.


Lucky Dog procedure
1. Caution comes out and Admin announces what car#'s are the Lucky Dogs on TS and with text chat.
2. Lucky Dogs pits on the 2nd caution lap with the lap down cars, do NOT pit with 1 to go.
3. Lucky Dogs leaves the pits, pass the field on the HIGH side and lines up next to the race leader.
4. When we get the 1 to go the Lucky Dogs will pass the pace car, go around the track and line up behind the field.
5. When it goes GREEN an Admin will clear your Black Flag.

Qualifying races will be 2 incident and Park-it.
The 100% NRT race will be 3 incident and Park-it.
If you do NOT park you will be DQ'ed from the results.

Incident definition: Any action by you or your internet connection that results in the Yellow flag coming out whether it be a self spin, mechanical failure or contact with another car.
An incident caused by your warp or your connection issues will count toward your 2 and park-it.
An incident which is a result of a mechanical failure such as a blown gear or blown motor will NOT count toward your 2 incidents and park-it but you must still pit on the 2nd caution lap.
A caution caused by a blown tire will count as an Incident toward your 2 and park-it.
Hitting a driver and causing them to spinout or get a black flag while doing a GREEN FLAG pit stop will also be considered an incident. This also goes for causing another driver to get an unsafe pit exit or black flag while leaving the pits or forced onto the track to early.