CHARGER Series Info

This is a series within a series currently running on Monday & Wednesday.
No need to apply to join this series.

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CHARGER Series Info

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This series is based off the NASCAR Race for the Cup format.

The CHARGER Series is a fun series within a regular RTR points paying series.

This Series is meant to add more fun and excitement to the series it is ran in.

This series will follow all RTR NR2003 rules.

This Series will be ran in the BareBones Racing Series and the RTR Aero88 Series.

Each week you will receive the points you earned in the RTR series it is running in plus any bonus points posted below.

There will be NO weekly winners pics for this series.

The CHARGER Series Champions will have a guaranteed spot in the Speedway All-Star Race.


The only requirement is that you race in the series that it's running in the previous season and finish in the top 26 in points.

Challenger Series drivers are Eligible for the CHARGER Series.


Drivers finishing in the top 5 in points the previous season are NOT Eligible.
These drivers will be called the "FAST FIVE".

You may be a "FAST FIVE" driver in 1 series and still be eligible in another series.

Barebones Racing and RTR Aero88 Series Champions for the last 5 seasons.

Any driver that should of finished in the top 5 if they hadn't missed the last few races of the Season.

Any driver who voluntarily classifies themselves as a "FAST FIVE" Driver.

Link to CHARGER Series Info Page
There is more detailed info on this page
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